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New members wanted!

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  • ​Pet Food

BCHS Summer Challenge!!  

We Double Dog Dare You!

Thank you everyone who donated to our medical fund through our summer challenge!  With our donor match we raised 7,000 !!!

Brown County Humane Society !!  A year in Review-  2016 Making Progress       See More>

October 21 11am-3pm

​Cat/Kitten Adoption Event

Visit our new small animal Adoption Center!!!

Join us for our monthly memebership meeting to find out what we are doing and how you can get involved!

Brown County Animal Shelter volunteer Nathan DeRose delivering dog food to ABCAP. The dog food is part of the BCHS's Meals on Wheels program and helps our Brown County seniors feed their pets!

Thanks Nathan!

Every cat/kitten is spayed/neutered prior to adoption! Thank you Bethel Animal Health for all your work and patience in helping us!

Event Schedule


Nothing makes us love our jobs more than kitten cuddles!!!!! Monica and Rachel are holding these fur babies who are from the Brown Co Humane Society. They are getting spayed and neutered today so they can be ready to be adopted out. One of the hardest things for us, working at a vet clinic, is resisting taking EACH and EVERY one of these sweet faces home! 

Thank you to Western Brown High School Honor Society for their  fundraising event !!

Check here and on our Events Page for upcoming Fundraisers and Events through out the year.  Fundraisers, Membership Meetings, Educational Seminars, Adoption Events and more.....