Brown County Humane Society

The Brown County Humane Society does not have their own facilities to house cats and horses. Therefore we rely on community support through foster care.  The Humane Society does have a small animal shelter to house dogs however many dogs are in need of a foster family to care for them until they find a forever home.  Many of these animals need medical and emotional care. 

Please visit the Brown County Animal Shelter, call us at 937-378-2210 or email us at

All of our horses and cats are in foster care.  Dogs maybe seen at the Brown County Animal Shelter in Georgetown, OH.

Since assuming management responsibilities of the Animal Shelter in November of 2011, the shelter's euthanasia rate has dropped to one of the lowest in the State of Ohio. The dedication of our employees and volunteers is unparalleled in the business. We use off site adoption events and social media to promote the adoption of our dogs and to make room for more homeless animals.


Adopting a cat is not only a wonderful way to support your local animal shelter, it's also an excellent way to bring some cuddly love into your life.


Looking for a forever friend? Adopt A BCHS Horse!!