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Job Title:  Director of Shelter Operations
Reports To:  BCHS Board of Directors or Designee
Approved By:  BCHS Board of Directors
Date  Approved:  28February2018 

Essential Duties and Primary Job Purpose includes the following.  Other duties may be assigned.

  • Works in concert with the Brown County Humane Society (BCHS) Board of Directors in order to fulfill the mission of the organization and provide for the welfare of the animals in its care. 
  • Works to ensure the continued evolution of the BCHS into a fully developed organization/shelter dedicated to eliminating the suffering of homeless animals by providing humane care for pets in transition, facilitating adoption to good homes, supporting pet overpopulation education, and supporting sterilization of animals.  
  • Provides positive leadership for the efficient and smooth functioning of all shelter operations, in accordance with established policies and procedures, city ordinances, state and federal laws and regulations. 
  • Develops and maintains effective working relationships with staff, volunteers, and the public.
  • Trains, supervises, and evaluates staff, and makes recommendations for promotion or termination to the Executive Board or its designee. 
  • Ensures that facilities are maintained in a sanitary and safe fashion to protect the health of the animals, staff, and visitors. 
  • Assists with public relations and educational outreach. 
  • Attends regular meetings of the board of directors, membership meetings and helps develop policy and standard operating procedures for the shelters.  
  • Reports to the Executive Board or its designee. 

Tasks & Major Responsibilities

1. Directs the daily operations of the shelters; oversees animal care, on-site animal receiving and adoptions, fostering, and volunteer programs.  Ensures the safety and sanitation of animal housing and adoption areas, to protect the health of both animals and people.  Investigates employee accident reports.  Responsible for assuring that policies and procedures are followed.

2. Ensures that accurate and complete records for BCHS animals, adoptions, staff and volunteers, safety policies, and facility maintenance are maintained as required by BCHS policies, City contracts/ordinances and state and federal laws. 

3. Ensures that all animal care and facilities policies, procedures, and programs are regularly reviewed and modified in an efficient manner. Stays abreast of current animal welfare issues as well as the changing needs of the community. Attends relevant workshops/seminars (with approval of Board of Directors or the designee) and maintains professional relationships with other animal rescue organizations.

4. Regularly compiles and presents reports to the board of directors on facility operations and activities.  Coordinates efforts with the Board of Directors to develop long-range programs and review policies and procedures.  Apprises the board about important issues, problems, and new ideas regarding shelter management and animal care and welfare.  

5. Evaluates new and on-going shelter projects regularly to determine and implement needed changes.  Regularly reviews facility policy and procedures manuals and standard operating procedures to assure compliance with local, state and federal guidelines, and the facility mission.

6. Directly responsible for supervising, evaluating, training, disciplining, and development of all animal care personnel.  Regularly reviews and evaluates job performance.  Addresses employee grievances and complaints.  Makes recommendations for promotion or termination to the Board or its designee.  Maintains a working environment that attracts and retains high quality staff.

7. Schedules both paid and non-paid shelter staff and ensures the shelter facilities are adequately staffed to provide proper care and maintenance 365 days a year. Regularly inspects all shelter areas to ensure work is accomplished, animals are cared for, and facilities are sanitary.  Monitors safety compliance of staff and volunteers. Works outside of normal shift hours to provide back-up care for animals if required. 

8. Meets with the animal care staff, office staff, and/or volunteers on a regular basis to review operations, procedures, and problems.  Works positively and collaboratively with staff to achieve shelter goals.  Institutes staff training to assure staff is aware of new and revised policies, procedures, rules and regulations, and to share ideas to improve animal care.  

9. Develop and maintain sound and transparent financial practices, based on best practices of non-profit accounting and financial reporting. Ensure procurement and accounting policies are followed.

10. Work with the staff and the Board to prepare a budget; ensure that the organization operates within budget guidelines, measuring actual performance against the budget.

Animal Care

11. Assesses the general health of the shelter animals on a regular basis for signs of stress, illness, injury, aggressive tendencies (either towards humans or other animals) and abnormal behaviors. Works cooperatively and professionally with BCHS veterinary partners, rescue partners and law enforcement personnel to ensure animals are provided proper medical care. Reports any significant physical, behavioral or emotional issues regarding shelter animals to the Board of Directors or the designee.

12. Ensures animals are cared for daily to include proper feeding, watering, shelter and monitoring for signs of disease, injuries, and abnormal behavior.  Maintains all animals in a clean, comfortable living environment, and ensures animals are provided veterinary care and treatment in a timely fashion.  Performs the duties of an animal care worker as needed.   Schedules humane euthanasia of non-adoptable animals as governed by the BCHS euthanasia policy. 

13. Works cooperatively with BCHS-approved veterinary hospitals to ensure all adoptable animals are sterilized in accordance with BCHS policy. This includes making appointments, providing safe transportation to and from surgical facility, providing post-surgical monitoring and minor first aid to sterilized animals, reporting any post-surgery complications to veterinary staff in an expedient manner. All major, serious wounds and/or clinical signs of disease require hands-on evaluation by a licensed veterinarian and/or certified/licensed veterinary technician.

14. Maintains shelter records for each animal including:  animal population each day, adoption records, spay neuter status, vaccination, current health observations and treatment & behavior records and cage/kennel cards.  

15. Directs the socialization and training of BCHS animals to increase their adoptability. Trains and socializes in accordance with accepted humane handling techniques.

 16. Oversees all inventories and ordering of shelter supplies, cleaning solutions and equipment, and assures that appropriate quantities of all supplies are on hand at all times.

17. Maintains pharmacy inventory and ordering, laboratory test submissions and orders.  

18. Facilitates maintenance tasks for shelter facilities to keep it a safe and clean environment for animals, staff, volunteers, and visitors.  Ensures that all equipment used in the operations of shelter facilities are maintained in proper, safe working order. 

19. Oversees the maintenance and upkeep of buildings, grounds, machinery and equipment. 

Customer Service and Outreach

20. Develops and maintains positive, professional relationships with the public, staff, veterinary staff, volunteers, rescue organizations and others.  

21. Oversees animal receiving and adoptions, and ensures that the public is provided accurate information and friendly service.  Responds to complaints about staff, animal care, and BCHS policies.   Takes control of tense situations with distraught or angry customers and assists staff with resolution of difficult situations.  Quickly and appropriately notifies the Board of Directors or designee about situations that are not easily and immediately resolved.

22. Promotes and facilitates adoptions.  Provides accurate information about adoptable animals, insuring webbased list (PetFinder) of adoptable animals is kept up-to-date, reviewing all adoption agreements and animal records for accuracy and completeness prior to release of animal.  Works with recognized, professional breed rescue groups and other humane organizations on possible transfer of certain animals in order to increase chances of placement with responsible qualified owners. 

23. May meet with civic groups, schools, special interest groups and the media about programs and activities, and to educate the public about responsible pet ownership and animal welfare concerns.

24. Participates in special projects as needed, including annual fundraising events and employee development programs.  


1. Must have a deep concern for the humane treatment and compassionate care of animals.

2. Associate’s degree in animal sciences, animal welfare, or closely related field, or an equivalent combination of education and professional experience.

3. 1 year of management or supervisory experience in an animal shelter, humane organization, animal care facility, or similar business. 

4. Excellent evaluation and assessment skills in the areas of animal health, temperament, human/animal bond, home environment, and successful adoption guidelines.

5. Demonstrated competency in animal care tasks such as medication administration, physical examination, behavioral screening examination, animal hygiene care, nutrition, socialization, and cleaning of animal environment per procedures.  Ability to identify signs of animal illnesses and injuries.

6. Exceptional work ethic with excellent interpersonal, organizational, and planning skills.  Ability to exercise independent judgment as appropriate and to work independently with little direct supervision.

7. Demonstrated exemplary communication skills to include knowledge of interviewing techniques, public speaking, skill in writing and editing and ability to express thought orally in a clear manner.  Will be required to communicate effectively with the public, Board of Directors, BCHS administrative staff, government officials, veterinary, animal care and behavioral professionals, media, college students and faculty, members and donors etc.   Must be able to work with various personalities, ethnicities, social and age groups, and maintain tact and professionalism at all times. 

8. Ability to promote team work.

9. Ability to build alliances with community organizations and agencies.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with vendors.

10. Demonstrated supervisory knowledge including principles and techniques of effective supervision.

11. Ability to train and direct staff activities effectively. 

12. Ability to manage conflicts, disputes, and grievances.

13. Proven leader in operational analysis, policy enforcement, and personnel management.  

14. Ability to balance many tasks and be flexible in prioritizing workload. 

15. Demonstrated knowledge of local, state and federal regulations for the workplace. 

16. Must be able to use common PC software programs, to use the internet and email to communicate and gather information pertaining to BCHS and shelter business, and must be able to use telephone, facsimile machine, as well as other common office equipment.

17. Ability to operate a vehicle (manual or automatic transmission), valid drivers license and clean driving record. 

18. Must provide references detailing success in personnel management, animal welfare management, and experience with team building.

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