Brown County Humane Society

 BCHS is happy to announce that we are starting another cat spay/neuter voucher program.  This voucher program has been made possible through a donation received from a anonymous donor.  BCHS receives many calls each week from individuals asking for assistance with unwanted cats and kittens.   Be part of the solution to address cat overpopulation by utilizing this program!!!

To request a voucher, simply print out the request and mail it in.  Vouchers will be issued until the donation money has been exhausted. 

BCHS voucher(s) provided to you will ONLY cover a PORTION of the spay/neuter surgery cost.  The owner is responsible for any additional expenses associated with the office visit and surgery (for example, general examination and rabies vaccinations costs).

Each voucher has a 60-day expiration date from the date of issue and has no cash value.  The voucher must be given to the participating veterinary practice at the time of surgery.

Privacy policy: All Information you give BCHS is confidential.

Did you know that....

A fertile female cat can have 3 litters of 4 to 6 kittens in just one year.  Over the course of 7 years just one female cat and her offspring can  theoretically produce 420,000 additional cats