Brown County Humane Society is proud to provide assistance for dogs and cats  for spay and neuter at participating vet offices.  Click below for more information.

The Brown County Animal (Dog) Shelter offers Home Again Microchips:
$15.00 for dogs/cats adopted from the  Brown County Humane Society.   
$25.00 for all your other pets.  
Please call the Dog Shelter (937) 378-3457 to schedule an appointment.

Dog License

Community Pet Food Pantry

For more information please call

Dog Shelter 937-378-3457

​Small Animal Adoption Center 937-378-2210

Veterinarian Assistance Services

League for Animal Welfare assists with Spay and Neuter.


UCAN offers low cost veterinarian services including spay and neuter. Transport is available from the Brown County Animal (Dog) Shelter on the 1st Tuesday of the month. Please call (513 ) 721-7387  or email to schedule an appointment.​​


The Brown County Humane Society offers Services to help people and pets of the community.  If you have any questions please call the Dog Shelter at 937-378-3457 or the Small Animal Adoption Center at 937- 378-2210 

Licensing your pet is assists in a  quick return to you if he becomes lost. If your dog is wearing a license, the County can notify you of his whereabouts and hold him for you for up to 14 days. If he is not wearing a license, they can only hold him for three days.
The Ohio Revised Code also requires that all dogs, including service and police animals, be registered. Kennel owners must also register with the County Auditor's Office. They receive special tags for their animals.

Most of the proceeds from the sale of dog licenses help fund the Dog Shelter operations.

Please call or stop by the Animal (Dog) Shelter, Brown County Auditor's Office or
purchase onlineyour dog's tag. We can also answer any questions you have about the licensing program.

For additional Dog license information, visit the
Brown County Auditor's website, here.



Do you need assistance with feeding your pets?  We can help you!

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