Medical /Emotional Support​( Dogs and Cats)

Some of our animals have a difficult time dealing with shelter life. They may become aggressive or withdrawn making adoption challenging.  Others may have medical issues that need time to recover in a stress free environment.  Fostering these animals makes their chances of healing and ultimately adoption much greater and gives us a better idea of their true personality and behavior.   Moms with their young do much better in foster homes until they are old enough for adoption.  

For more information please contact us!

Download the following applications if interested in fostering.

Dogs/Puppies- 937-378-3457 

Dog/Puppy Foster Application

Cats/Kittens and Small Animals- 937-378-2210

Cat/Small Animal Foster Application

 Day Trippin (Dogs only)

Providing a few hours out of the shelter often helps our dogs relax and enjoy time away from the hectic shelter life. Our dogs love walks in the park, visiting homes, and just getting out for awhile.  Call 937-378-3457 for more information.

Horse and Farm Animal Fosters

​Do you have a open stall or room on the farm for a horse or other farm animal?  BCHS does not have a facility for farm animals and horses so we rely on the foster community to care for horses and farm animals until they are adopted.    Please email us at or call 937-378-3457 if interested in getting on the foster list for horses and other farm animals. 

Visit for a Weekend or Holiday (Dogs Only)

Have extra time to spend with one of our dogs but cant make a long term commitment?  Bring a dog home for the weekend or a holiday, spoil the dog, have a great time and bring them back to the shelter.  We learn so much about the dogs and many of our dogs true personalities are discovered when they are away from the shelter!!  Call 937-378-3457 for more information.


Thank you for your interest in our foster care program.  Our foster families are instrumental in the well being of the animals in Brown County.  We are looking for foster parents who can open their hearts and homes to animals in need such as kittens, puppies, pregnant or nursing moms, adult animals recovering from illness, surgery or in need of emotional support.  Fostering is very rewarding to both the animal and YOU!  Become a foster family TODAY and feel the love! 

Brown County Humane Society does not have a location to house horses or farm animals so we rely on foster families to care for these animals until homes are found.

We have many opportunities to help with our foster program ranging from a few hours to a long term commitment!

Georgetown, Ohio